The National Benevolent Society of Watch and Clock Makers



Who can apply?
Members of the UK Watch and Clock trade who have retired or are unable to work due to sickness or disability and are in need of financial assistance.
Their widows/widowers
In certain cases their dependents

Do you help many trade members?
Many thousands of trade members have been served by the Society over the years and even now, hundreds are being regularly helped. The numerous letters of appreciation received give testimony to the high regard in which Grantees hold both the assistance and the manner and spirit in which it is distributed.

What types of grant do you give?
Generally grants are recurrent and are normally paid quarterly.

Do you contribute towards individual items?
Individual grants, towards items such as scooters, stair lifts etc are not usually paid, however if an individual has a requirement for these and cannot find the funds, their income may be such that they qualify for a recurrent grant.

How can I apply?
Applications should be made by requesting a form from the Secretary.
Completed applications can be submitted by individuals or through a social worker, welfare agency or citizen’s advice bureau.
All applications are treated in strict confidence.

Who will see my information?
All details are held in strict confidence and are seen by the Secretary and Trustees of the Society.

Who Are the Trustees of the Society?
All Trustees are respected members of the Watch and Clock Trade, each bringing to the committee many years of experience.

Charity Number: 206750

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